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Electrical & lighting solutions

First class workmanship delivered for residential and commercial properties.

Lighting & Electrical Specialists, for Commercial & Residential

At Nest we pride ourselves in delivering first class workmanship in all areas of residential and investment properties as well as commercial premises. Speak to the Nest lighting experts to learn more about our full service range.

Commercial LED lighting solutions provide businesses benefits beyond simple cost saving. LED lighting results in an increased lighting performance, lower maintenance costs, lower running costs and a reduction in your impact on the environment, helping you on the way to any green accreditations you are working towards. In addition, we can facilitate leasing options allowing you to improve your working environment with zero capital outlay.

Residential & Commercial

The managing partners have a combined experience of over 5 decades within the residential and commercial property field which has given them not only the expertise but also the experience in knowing how best to fulfill your needs from the homeowner to the developer, the residential landlord to the commercial premises owner.

Our Work

We work hard to ensure that from initial consultation all the way to the finished project, our service is of the highest quality. Indeed this is why we have so many loyal customers. Furthermore, we will work to guarantee that your expectations are exceeded with our full services range.

LED & Lighting

We highly recommend the modernisation of your lighting system, as with LEDs you can significantly reduce your electricity costs. Furthermore, most modern energy efficient lighting has longer usage than traditional lighting, meaning that you won’t have to maintain units quite as often. Speak to the Nest lighting experts to learn more about our full service range.

Electrical & Lighting Solutions

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